St. Louis Art Fair and Yoga Inspire Community

beach-625580_640 Clayton Yoga will present onstage next to the children’s craft section, one hour of yoga, September 10th and 11th, 2016 from 9-10am.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  The organization began under the official name “The Saint Louis Art Fair” and aimed to showcase high-end visual art and stimulating live performances. Street are blocked off, there […] Continue reading →

Everyone Can Practice Yoga: Clayton Yoga Testimonials Shine On

yoga art Everyone Can Practice Yoga: Clayton Yoga Testimonials Shine On Namaste!  For more than ten years, Clayton Yoga has been bringing high quality yoga classes to the community and corporations throughout St. Louis. Many students are greatly benefitting from our yoga classes and yoga program.  These students began without any prior experience whatsoever and today many […] Continue reading →

Workpace Yoga Shines On

warrior-pose-241611_640 Workplace Yoga Shines On Clayton Yoga workplace classes has been offered since 1998.  Since that time, Clayton Yoga has offered over 10,000 corporate yoga onsite classes.   Clayton Yoga corporate classes improve the attitude, energy and company morale. Mayo Clinic researcher Dr. James Levine describes sitting as a “lethal” activity, according to The Wellness News. While […] Continue reading →